Agenda Overview


DAY 1 – Wednesday 26 June


Highlights include
Trade Law Updates and their Impact on Asian Agricultural Markets

Changes to global trade laws how these will impact Asian agricultural markets
Michael Every, Head of Financial Markets Research Asia-Pacific, Rabobank

FEEDINFO EXCLUSIVE INSIGHT: Vitamins, Amino Acids, Phosphates and Phytase Market Outlooks

Outlooks for these feed additives and what could influence pricing in the future.
Analysts from Feedinfo News Service

PANEL DISCUSSION: Views from Industry Leaders

The region’s influential additives producers share how they are future-proofing their businesses
Hong Yang, Director of Asia, ADM Animal Nutrition

Izuru Shinzato, Associate General Manager, Animal Nutrition Group, Ajinomoto

Matthew Smith, Vice President, Asia Pacific, Alltech

MARKETING EXPERTISE: How to Stand Out in a Crowded Market

How to effective promote and market your products to stand out from competitors
KeunHo Kim, Consulting Partner, Ogilvy

Examining the Chinese Feed Market

Understanding the Chinese market, challenges faced and forecasts for the future
Chuang Ma, Partner, Boyar

DAY 2 – Thursday 27 June


Highlights include
Update on African Swine Fever

New information about African Swine Fever and potential solutions being researched
John Edwards, Executive Consultant, AUSVET and Emeritus Professor, Murdoch University

Antibiotic Usage and Legislation Across Asia

Learn which markets are requiring antibiotic alternatives across the region
Sonevilay Nampanya, Livestock Development Officer, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

PANEL DISCUSSION: Opinions from Integrators and Feed Formulators

The region’s influential additives producers share how they are future-proofing their businesses
Anurojana Punyawan, Senior Vice President, Charoen Pokphand Group

Erwin Suwendi, Head of Nutrition and Food Technology, Aquaculture Division, JAPFA Group

Patrapan Rungcharoen, Assistant Vice President, Feed Mills Business, Thaifoods Group PCL

Digital Advances Impacting Agriculture

How novel technologies are revolutionising businesses in the value chain
Otavio Augusto Lopes, Food & Agri ASEAN Industry Lead, Accenture

Strategies for Feed Preservation: Learning from the Food Industry

Insight into the food industry’s new preservatives being researched
Professor William Chen, Director, NTU Food Science & Technology Programme, Nanyang Technological University

DAY 3 – Friday 28 June


Attendees can choose from
SEMINAR A: Speciality Feed Ingredients Regulations and Product Registration

Reviewing the product approval processes for a range of countries across Asia to understand their legislation and how to drive efficiencies. Markets addressed include China, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, The Philippines and Europe

SEMINAR B: Advances in Feed Additives Research

Examining developments in feed additives research and nutrition requirements for swine, poultry and aquaculture. Topics addressed include AGP replacements, immunity and optimum feed formulation

SEMINAR C: Asian Market Information

Assessing how swine, poultry and aquaculture markets are changing across Asia and examining the livestock and feed industries across some of the regions emerging markets, including Vietnam, Bangladesh and Indonesia

To ensure that the agenda is the most relevant and up to date, sessions may be subject to change